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      1. 玩呗棋牌

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        Possible Cause


        Heating problem

        Bad contact with power

        Check the power plug and socket

        Power switch in OFF position

        Turn on the power switch

        Fault in switch or steam generator

        Check and mend the products by professionals

        Steam generating problem

        Not fully heating

        Let the product preheating 2 minutes

        Steam condensation in the conveying pipe

        Lift the steam nozzle and straighten the pipe to make the cooling water back to water tank

        Groundwater level is lower than the minimum (MIN)

        Fill water tank to the highest water level (MAX)

        Discontinuous steam output

        Excessively low voltage

        Equip with a stable voltage

        Conveying pipe clogging by the water dirt

        Remove the water dirt with special detergent

        Water dripping in steam sprayer

        Breaks of the water nozzle

        Replace the nozzle

        Being horizontal position of the steam sprayer or steam conveying pipe with a long-time

        Lift the steam nozzle and straighten the pipe to make the cooling water back to water tank

        Purring of the product

        Bending of the steam conveying pipe

        Unbend the steam conveying pipe

        Nozzle below the horizontal line

        Lift the steam nozzle to straighten the pipe

        Alarm in normal water level

        Floating or damage with the float

        Pull out or replace the float

        No alarm in water shortage

        Mislaying or damage with the float

        Equip with a new float

        Alarm failure

        Mend it by professionals

        Display button being inoperative

        Crashes of the microcomputer program

        Shut off the power and connect later

        Advice for good ironing
        1. We recommend using the lowest temperatures with fabrics that have unusual finishes (sequins, embroidery, flush, etc.).
        2. If the fabric is mixed (e.g. 40% cotton 60% synthetics), set the thermostat to the temperature of the fibre requiring the lower temperature.
        3. If you don't know the composition of the fabric, determine the suitable temperature by testing on a hidden corner of the garment. Start with a low temperature and increase it gradually until it reaches the ideal temperature.
        4. Never iron areas with traces of perspiration or other marks: the heat of the plate fixes the stains on the fabric, making them irremovable.
        5. The size is more effective if you use a dry iron at a moderate temperature: excess heat scorches it with the risk of forming a yellow mark.
        6. To avoid marking silk, woolen or synthetic garments shiny, iron them inside out.
        7. To avoid marking velvet garments shiny, iron in one direction (following the fibre) and do not press down on the iron.
        8. The heavier the washing machine is loaded, the more garments come out creased. This also happens when the spin drying revolutions are very high.
        9. Many fabrics are easier to iron if they are not completely dry.
        10. For example, silk should always be ironed damp.